Countries with Most Elite Special Forces in the World
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Countries with Most Elite Special Forces in the World

Special Forces group of a country are some of the outstanding, daring and most daunting players who are highly trained to get the job done in the most challenging situations. They can be tested where ordinary or typical soldiers have fear and reservations to tread. The daring strategic targets, tackling potential menace and cracking on the taxing hideouts is no big deal for them.
Ranking them would be in a typical manner won’t be a justifiable option. Here is a list of ten of the most rigorous and fearless combatants in the world. These are the Special Forces trained and invested for special purposes in crucial times by the countries across the world. Let’s give it a try and always count on your countries.


10. Marcos (India)

The MARCOS is the special wing of Indian Navy. Marine Commando Force stands high when it comes to counter-terrorism, covert operations, hostage rescue, counterproiferation, Special reconnaissance and others. The really are best of the best in the maritime warfare and operations. The country has them.

9. GIS (Italy)

The tactical response and counter insurgency elite special troops named GIS (Gruppo di Intervento Speciale) are the part of the Carabinieri military police. They were created to strike and counter the terrorism threats by Italian Police in 1978. The group is the pride of Italian Elite Responders.


8. EKO Cobra, Austria

The Austrians are at with EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra), the primary force developed by the nation to deal with counter-terrorism. The Cobra emerged as a reaction after the Israeli athletes were attacked in 1972 Munich Olympics. The group is known for their marksmanship in the most demanding situations and high-speed involvement in the operations like Graz-Karlau Prision in 1996 for hostage rescue. The EKO has the distinction as being the only Special Forces group to seize the hijackers while the plane was in the air.


7. GIGN (France)

The French Elite corps has always been equal to the task. GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) has special tactical and operational capacities to engage in counter-terrorism operation, rescue and stealthy activities in any part of the world. The formation of GIGN was inevitable after the 1971 Olympic Games massacre in Munich. A few countries have likes of them.


6. SSG (Pakistan)

SSG duly deserves the #6 in the ranks of the World’s Elite combatants. The country with so many disturbances at its interiors justly needs the #6 to cope with terrorists and their abettors. The Pakistani “Black Storks” wearing “Maroon Beret”, the headgear, have symmetry with the U.S. Army’s Special Forces and the Britain’s SAS. Well known for their bravery and daring deeds were even appreciated by the Russian President who paid a high price after engaging them a war which simply couldn’t be fought with the conventional might. Asymmetric Warfare, Counter-Proliferation, Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense and sharp tactical and targeted operations on the insurgents, extremists and terrorists inside and on the borders are their daily tasks and they are always up to it. They are dangerous than any danger and the country is blessed to have them.

5. JW GROM, Poland

The Polish JW GROM (Jednostka Wojskowa GROM) formed on July 13, 1990 was the need of hour when the country faced threats. GROM meaning “Thunder” stands in one of the five special operation forces of the Polish Army. The dreadfully brave are capable of taking the terrorists down with the iron hand and the strong fists are equally up to the every unconventional and conventional challenge given to them. They are the most trained fighters.


4. GSG 9 (Germany)

Germans have a legacy of fighting the wars, engaging in operations and countering threats. GSG 9 is an Elite Force of a special unit in the German Federal Police. GS9 got established in 1973 after the unfortunate massacre of the Israeli athletes in the Summer Olympics held at Munich. The failure was a wakeup call to the authorities to establish a group that can tackle down fugitives, kidnappers, block and recover extortions and rescue hostages in every possible way. 1500 successful missions from 1972 to 2003 with the exception of discharging the weaponry on just five occasions are good for them to be ranked 4th.


3. Delta Force (United States)

Approved and built for the tasks such as counter-terrorism, national intervention operations, direct action are some of the primary and basic duties of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (1st SFOD-D), primarily and famously known as Delta force. The Delta approved and established in 1997 was modeled after the British 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). The are one of the most well trained troops in the world. Countries envy them.


2. Navy SEALs, United States

The American Navy SEALs are the most formidable type in their army. The Elite Warfare Combatants of US are the members of United States Navy. SEALs been divided into the Sea, Air and Land Teams back to the World War II are the extremely versatile, highly capable and top secretive operators in the Navy recruited by Special Activities Division (SAD). The chosen ones are the best of the lot in every aspect of the formidability. The seeking and killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan is their most recent and notable development.

1. SAS, United Kingdom

The SAS is a supreme and pioneer model for the Special Services and around the world. Every elite service has followed Special Air Service and learned its arts and tactics of conducting operations and setting up clandestine missions wherever needed. The SAS was launched in 1941 to serve the special operations in World War II. The oldest Elite group has exercised some exceptional missions and executed some incredible tasks in the modern warfare. The safe rescue of hostages from Iranian embassy in London in 1980 was a remarkable accomplishment. The assault missions, covert jobs and anti-terror operations are the most common services performed by Special Air Services. Dangers fear and World knows them.

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