Countries With Lions in the World
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Countries With Lions in the World

Lion, the King of the Jungles is one of the emblematic living creatures of the forestry. The insane and inhumane killing of the carnivore is leading us to their extinction in the next 50 years or even less than that. The beauty and strength of Wild life has no reason to live against the relentless habitat loss, illegal killing and over hunting by either dumb or insecure. There were as more as 200,000 in the wilderness of Africa, the Panthera Leo is now having a family that is being diminished to 30,000 creatures in the region.
Today the Lions have living in the only 28 African countries. Continuously teetering on the brink of extinction, they existence is limited to one country (India) when it comes to Asia. Out of 28 countries in continent, they are now declared extinct in 26.

Only seven countries in the African continent are still blessed to have them in their wilds, each with more than 1000.

The countries are:




South Africa




It is said that the predator is reduced to 35,000 at best in the continent down from over 100,000 about fifty years ago. Lion census conducted in 2012 showed the following facts and figures in the different domains of continent.

No of Lions in West Africa: 480

No of Lions in Central Africa: 2,419

No of Lions in Eastern Africa: 19,972

No of Lions in Southern Africa: 12,036

Tanzania is the country believed to have more species than any other in the region. The East-African country has the greatest share of the Panthera Leo with more than 16000 Lions in different Wild Parks and Lion Areas.


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