Top Ten Countries with Largest Armies in the World
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Top Ten Countries with Largest Armies in the World

Latest advancement in military devices reduce the demand of large army personnel but still, some countries are maintaining world’s largest armies to put great psychological pressure on the opponents and to boost up confidence and morale of their own armies. Largest armies of the world mean the highest number of soldiers in uniform which can mean either ground forces or entire military establishment. Counting heads doesn’t provide complete view of its power since strength of army depends on weapons, technologies, physical and mental attributes of soldiers. Almost all sovereign countries inevitably maintain their own armies to protect their soil from external and internal threats. It is vital for maintaining sovereignty in today’s world but it costs a huge tax burden on masses and economic welfare need to be forgone for keeping it largest and powerful. Weapons play an crucial role in winning a war against enemies but still numbers of armed persons is superior to them since they are useless without soldiers. Here we have a list of top ten countries with largest number of persons enrolled in army.

Top Ten Largest Armies in the World

Rank Country Men Power
1. China 2,285,000
2. United States 1,429,995
3. India 1,325,000
4. North Korea 1,106,000
5. Russia 1,040,000
6. South Korea 687,000
7. Turkey 664,060
8. Pakistan 617,000
9. Iran 523,000
10. Egypt 468,500



China has the largest army in the world. It has world’s largest population that make it possible to deploy large number of people in their armed forces. About 0.18% of the country’s population ( approximately 2,285,000 personnel) is the part of world’s largest military force. It is compulsory for adult Chinese to provide military services but it is not strictly enforced since numbers of volunteers are available.


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