Top Countries with Largest Textile Industry
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Top Countries with Largest Textile Industry

As with the increasing fast pace of modernization, the need for the up to date fashion in clothing is increasing rapidly. Of course, everyone likes to be looked well dressed with decent personality. To meet the needs of citizens, various countries have established world’s largest textile industries which not only fulfill domestic needs but also plays a vital role in boosting up the overall economical health of the state. Basically, this industry refers to clothing and yarn production and their local and international distribution. Various countries are there which are worldwide famous for their largest supply of quality textile since they wholly take advantages of economy of scales and outranked other industries with their competitive lowest prices. Through these means, they are not just making a good name in the textile industry but are also adding fair amount of monetary benefit to their national economy. Different countries have flourished in this sector and gained the textile industrial superiorities in a few past years as per global surveys. One after each other, they continued to introduce new strategies and advancements which made their value and worth around the world. The consistency in quality production is the factor which made these below listed top 5 countries to dominate all the others in overall performance and come up as world’s largest exporters of textile products. The given list contains the statistics taken from the recent global surveys.

Ranking Country Global Textile Exports (In Billion US$) Improvement Percentage
1 China 274 11
2 India 40 21
3 Italy 36 6
4 Germany 35 0
5 Bangladesh 28 17

From the above given statistics, India is the country with most improvement in this industry extending their total exports to 40 billion (US$) which was 33 billion (US$) in 2012. But regardless of that, China is leading the world with its largest textile industry which remains the most consistent one in producing quality, reliable and long ending textile products. The astonishing fact is that Germany hasn’t been able to improve however Bangladesh managed it to improve 17% as compared to 2012. We hope that the given content may help you in knowing about countries which are known to world as the giants of textile industry and that you would have enjoyed the articles.
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