Top Countries with Largest Automobile Production
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Top Countries with Largest Automobile Production

Countries that have developed largest automobiles industry are now blessed with great wealth since the sale of its single unit generate bulk quantity of money furthermore it is the industry of future that would rule the heart of every human on planet making it the most demanding industry of upcoming days. This industry is very vast from designing to development to production to marketing of motor vehicles and thus stands as one of the most important factors in increasing the overall revenue of the country. Apart from that, the craze and passion among people regarding latest models of cars has increased demand tremendously motivating many countries to jump in this industry with introduction of its fascinating advancements and glamorization of automobiles. Various countries are the giants in automobile industry which produces the most vehicles but the top 10 of them are listed below along with their statistics and popular brands.
1. China (World’s Share: 26.23%)
China leads the way as the world’s largest producer of cars and commercial vehicles which has amazingly defeated all others in overall motor vehicle production around the world and that’s what makes it take the top spot. From previous surveys, China was at 2nd position after Japan but their devotion and consistency made them the biggest giant in automobile industry which produces the most vehicles from last few years. In 2014, 26% vehicles of world came from china with total country’s auto production of 23,722,890 units after having increased by 12% between 2009 and 2013.

2. United States (World’s Share: 12.89%)
The U.S. narrowly surpassed Japan in production of cars and commercial vehicles in 2011, making it the world’s second largest producer of automobiles. Since then, the U.S. made its lead much bigger over Japan. In 2014, USA accounted for 12.89%  of world’s supply with total country’s auto production of 11,660,699 units with slight increase of 5.4% from 2013 to 2014. The country production increased by 35% between 2009 and 2013. After the World War II, American automobile industry took great jump ahead in overall production and they continued to do so and began its new era of automobile production in the 80s and went on to progress massively with rapid development which earned them a massive and global popularity. General Motors is the largest automobiles company of USA followed by Ford and Chrysler.

3. Japan (World’s Share: 10.8%)
Japan’s automobile industry is famous around the world for their reliability and quality in motor vehicle production. The country’s percentage of world supply to decrease to 11.1% in 2013 from 13.1% in 2009. In 2014, it further declined to 10.8% with annual output of 9774665 autos because of China progression as the biggest giant of motor vehicle industry. But regardless of that, Japanese cars are always considered to the best in quality. Toyota from Japan is the world’s biggest company of automobiles while the Toyota Corolla is the world’s most selling model of car.

4. Germany  (World’s Share: 6.53%)
Probably the country with biggest earning spot for the labor sector, Germany is fourth largest auto producer in the world. In 2014, 6.53% vehicles supply of world came from Germany with total country’s auto production of 5,907,548 units after having declined by 21% between 2009 and 2013. In European continent, Germany shares the biggest percentage of about 29% of the total motor vehicle production. Some fabulous car brands like BMW belong to Germany from which the importance of the country can be estimated. Currently six biggest automobile industries are being operated in the country namely Volkswagen AG, BMW AG, Dr Ing H.C, Ford-Werke GmbH, Porsche AG and Adam Opel AG.
5. South Korea (World’s Share: 5.00%)
An important country for the automobile production community, South Korea is at 5th number in the race of most motor vehicle production. In 2014, the country has world’s share of 5% with annual production of  4524932 units after having declined by 10% between 2009 and 2013. They are experts are in motor vehicle assembling but the parts are imported from other giants like Japan, Korea and US. South Korean motor vehicle industry’s popular brands are GM Daewoo, KIA Motors, Oullim Motors, Hyundai Motors, Asia Motors and SangYong Motors.

6. India  (World’s Share: 4.24%)
India being one of the developing countries in the world has already stepped ahead in vehicle manufacturing industry. They don’t own international brand names but their local brands have earned them a well deserved popularity. India manufactured about 3,840,160 vehicles in 2014 that accounted for 4.24% of world’s production. The country is also tagged as the largest vehicle exporting country in Asian continent. India’s motor vehicle brand names include Tata Motors, ICML, Chinkara Motors, Premier Automobiles Limted, Hindustan Motors and Mahinda and San Motors.
7. Mexico  (World’s Share: 3.72%)
The Mexico narrowly beat out Brazil in production of cars and commercial vehicles in 2014, making it the seventh largest auto producer in the world. The country production increased by 10.2% between 2013 and 2014 while the country’s percentage of world supply to increase to 3.5% in 2013 from 2.6% in 2009.

8. Brazil  (World’s Share: 3.48)
From 2009 to 2013, the Brazil dropped its world’s share of supply from 5.3% to 4.3% and then further declined to 3.48% in 2014 but still listed amongst ten largest automobiles producing countries. In the first part of 2014, Mexico surpassed Brazil, as its export-driven production of cars outranked local competitors owing to the recovering American market. Automobile production was started in 1956 with their first ever motor vehicle brand name as Romi Isetta. Toyota factory was established there in 1958 along with Volkswagen in 1959, Chevrolet, Fiat and Ford in 1960 and Mercedes Benz in 1998. Due to introduction of such vehicle brands in Brazil, they began to make their name in motor vehicle industry with rapid growth and development in its manufacturing.
9. Spain  (World’s Share: 2.66%)
Probably the second largest automobile industry in Europe after Germany, Spain is at number 9 with annual production of 2402978 units that accounted for 2.66% of world’s supply. Spain increased its output by 11% between 2013 and 2014 after being dropped out of top ten spots in 2013 due to sudden turnaround in government policy. However, the country is own its way to make rapid progress to step further ahead in this industry.

10. Canada  (World’s Share: 2.64%)
Canada is the tenth largest auto producer in the world, having annual production of 2393890 automobiles The industry in Canada consists primarily of assembly plants of foreign automakers. In 2014, 2.64% supply of vehicles to world came from Canada after having increased by 0.6% between 2013 and 2014.

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