Top 10 Countries having Highest Salaries in the World
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Top 10 Countries having Highest Salaries in the World

Most of us see money as real source of happiness and want to know which country pays its workers the highest salary. Undoubtedly, offering handsome amount of salaries to make its employees live pleasing and luxurious is wise idea that not only increases their work flow rate but also develops more hardworking, passion and professional instincts in them which eventually lead to great business development. Countries with highest salaries are financially strong since their inhabitants have more money to spend and more cash to invest, eventually demand for more production increases as result tax collection goes high which strengthen government to allocate more resources to welfare and security projects. Here we have list of the top 10 highest average salary per country.

1. United States
Undoubtedly, United States is the most powerful and wealthy country in the world which is offering possibly the highest salaries to its employees whether they are local or foreigners. US have surplus quantity of resources and is the second largest exporter in the world. Owing to that, handsome amount of revenue is generated annually from which employees are facilitated massively. An average American earns about $41355 annually which is in every sense, a very attractive amount.
2. Luxembourg
Probably the biggest financial center of European continent, Luxembourg is at second number offering highest level of salaries to its employees. The reason for its strong financial position is due to its dominancy in export. It used to be the Europe’s largest exporter with major exports including industrial machinery, rubber, chemicals and fine financial services. The average income of citizen residing in Luxembourg is $38591 per year (after taxes).
3. Norway
Being amongst the wealthiest countries in the world, Norway is blessed with vast amount of natural resources like oil, mineral, hydropower and fishing. Great amount of revenue is generated in Norway every year which accompanies its employees with high level of salaries. Though the education and health are expensive in Norway but its citizens utilize their spare time in earning more to meet the needs. Due to that, the average wage of citizen of Norway is about $33492 annually.
4. Switzerland
Swiss nation has been ranked amongst the ten best countries with the highest average salary . The international worth of Switzerland is something appreciable as their manufacturing zone is considered to be the most robust in the European continent. The main manufactures of Swiss includes musical instrument, precision measuring instruments, chemicals and pharmaceutical merchandise. $33,491 is the disposable amount which the employees earn annually in Switzerland while working on an average 35 hours on weekly basis.
5. Australia
probably one of the healthiest economies in the world, Australia holds the 5th spot while being the giant in exporting minerals, oil and food stuffs. It is ranked second after Switzerland in terms of health and education according to the year 2013. The average disposable salary in country is about $31588 (with 27.7% taxes) which clearly shows the prosperity of employees there. The average working hours in Australia are noticed to be 36 hours per week.

6. Germany
Another Country where you expect to earn the highest salaries, Germany being unable to take high spot in the world rankings still owns a handsome amount of disposable income annually. The annual amount which an employee earns there is $31252 after the astonishing tax rate of 49.8%. Due to high taxes, German nation has been ranked first in the deducting the highest amount from citizen’s salary. But besides that, the oldest education and health system in Germany provides free health and education services to citizens which save their salary to a great extent.
7. Austria
It would be a surprise to know that Austria is also among the countries offering highest salaries to employees. Due to its ultimate natural beauty, it is a great spot of attention for the tourists around the world which adds great amount of monetary values to national treasury. Besides that, its strong industrial position makes it provide high levels of disposable income to citizens. $31173 is the annual income of employee in Austria after the huge tax deduction of 49.4% from their salaries.
8. Canada
Enriched with natural resources and one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, Canada holds 8th spot where you can expect to have highest salaries. The major exports of country include grains, wheat and canola. Besides that, the existence of massive quantity of aluminum, zinc, gold, uranium and nickel are another sources of Canada’s strong economy. Canadian citizens earn about $29365 annually after tax deduction of 31% (which is served for universal health and higher education) while working for an average 36 hours weekly.
9. Sweden
with economy based on mixed exports, Sweden is among the richest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita where average salary is as highest as $29185 after tax deduction of 42.4%. The major exports of Sweden include iron, timber and hydropower. Foreign trading is another factor adding handsome amount of monetary values to their national treasury. The famous Nordic Social Welfare System in Sweden provides free universal health care and higher education to citizens helping massively in their financial budget management.

10. France
With having one of the strongest and devoted labor forces in the world, French nation is unluckily placed at 10th spot in our list of highest paying countries in the World. Having highly motivated and hardworking employees as compared US, France stayed behind due to their less working hours law introduced in 1999. But regardless of that, the average income of employee in France is $28799 after tax deduction rate of 49.4% (utilized for health and education).

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