Which Country Produces Most Cars in the World
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Which Country Produces Most Cars in the World

Organization Internationale Des Constructeurs automobiles (OICA) is an International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers which is working for defending interest relating to future of the automobile industry in countries of world. It Collects information from vehicle manufacturers of different countries of world and publish annual production statistics of automobiles producers.

Top Ten Largest Car Producer Countries of world

Country No. of Cars Produced in 2013
China 18,085,213
U.S.A. 10,424,280
Germany 5,439,904
South Korea
India 3,138,988
Brazil 2,742,309
Russia 1,919,636
Mexico 1,771,987



China is the country which is the largest producer of cars in the world. Its world’s share is 27.63%. Chinese auto production grew 10 times up from 3.5% in 2000. In the last 10 years the world’s annual car production increased from 41 million to 63 million cars in 2012, or 52%. Almost 2/3 of this growth came from China. In 2013 it produced 18,085,213 units which mean every 4th car came from china.
Source: http://www.oica.net

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