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Top 10 Countries with Largest Defence Budget

Maintaining strong defense is the basic need for survival of every country in today’s world. In recent year, military budget increased in most of largest armed countries while overall world spending is declining. Western Europe decreased defense expenditures sharply for stabilizing financial market. Military budgets depend on many factors sometimes regional conflicts force countries to enhance their defense strength. It’s not easy to largely increase defense spending unless GDP growth is able to afford such expansion since such expenditures put great burden on economy so it should be in well proportion to growth of population as well as economy . Significant expansion of military budget by one country contributes to tensions in the whole territory which induces other nations to expand their military budget and the process goes on. In recent era, trends of putting burden on masses for defense spending has become unpopular and direct revenue from oil trading is being used to fund such expenditure. Saudi Arabia and Russia are large oil-producers, as well as amongst the world’s largest military spenders.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published list of world’s top military spenders in 2013. This report contains list of countries with highest defense expenditure. All statistics are given in US dollar based on exchange rates of each country’ currency. Budget allotted to maintain and strengthened the standing military is something to be added in our list while funds that add luxuries, do nothing with defense capabilities are not considered as Defense Budget. From one year to another, ranking may significantly change due to continuous fluctuations in the exchange rates. Based on SIPRI’s 2013 data, these are the countries with the largest military budgets.

Rank Country SPENDING (US$ Billion) 2013
1. United States 640
2. China 188
3. Russia 87.8
4. Saudi Arabia 67
5. France 61.2
6. United Kingdom 57.9
7. Germany 48.8
8. Japan 48.6
9. India 47.4
10. South Korea 33.9



USA was the world’s largest military spender in 2013. Its defense budget was decreased in recent year but still highest than other countries which accounted for 37% of total global spending in 2013. Total expenditures on increasing defense capabilities was $640 billion which was three times more than second highest military spender China. Withdrawal of U.S armed forces from Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in lowering of its defense budget since 2010. China is the second largest spender which spends the most on the military.

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Which Country is Most Powerful in the World

Ranking the Most Powerful countries in the World is tough one since number of factors need to be considered to calculate the word ‘power’. Now country can’t be the world’s most powerful simply because it has largest army, certain aspects has attain special value in 21st century. Now economy, technology, population and diplomatic influence has joined military to decide the power of any country. The National Power Index is the best approach to rank the strongest countries of the world. This index is the combination of five sub indexes which evaluate economic system, military strength, human capital , technology, energy security and diplomatic influence. The latest National Power Index of the top 10 most powerful countries is given below:

Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World

Rank Country National Power Index
1. United States 0.90
2. China 0.85
3. France 0.84
4. United Kingdom 0.83
5. Germany 0.77
6. Russia 0.77
7. Japan 0.75
8. Italy 0.70
9. Canada 0.68
10. Spain 0.67



United states is the most powerful country in the world as it ranks first in GDP, defense spending , technology and foreign affairs. It heads the power index since it is the third most populous country with world’s highest nominal GDP. It has 2nd largest army equipped with latest technology. Its diplomatic power continues to exercise international influence all over the world. It is likely to remain the strongest in the world for at least another decade. China is the second most powerful state which has the world’s highest population. China is behind united states in technology and global influence but it is moving forward in every sector and continuously expanding its global sphere of influence. Analysts predict that it will overtake US in near future.

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Top Ten Countries with Largest Armies in the World

Latest advancement in military devices reduce the demand of large army personnel but still, some countries are maintaining world’s largest armies to put great psychological pressure on the opponents and to boost up confidence and morale of their own armies. Largest armies of the world mean the highest number of soldiers in uniform which can mean either ground forces or entire military establishment. Counting heads doesn’t provide complete view of its power since strength of army depends on weapons, technologies, physical and mental attributes of soldiers. Almost all sovereign countries inevitably maintain their own armies to protect their soil from external and internal threats. It is vital for maintaining sovereignty in today’s world but it costs a huge tax burden on masses and economic welfare need to be forgone for keeping it largest and powerful. Weapons play an crucial role in winning a war against enemies but still numbers of armed persons is superior to them since they are useless without soldiers. Here we have a list of top ten countries with largest number of persons enrolled in army.

Top Ten Largest Armies in the World

Rank Country Men Power
1. China 2,285,000
2. United States 1,429,995
3. India 1,325,000
4. North Korea 1,106,000
5. Russia 1,040,000
6. South Korea 687,000
7. Turkey 664,060
8. Pakistan 617,000
9. Iran 523,000
10. Egypt 468,500



China has the largest army in the world. It has world’s largest population that make it possible to deploy large number of people in their armed forces. About 0.18% of the country’s population ( approximately 2,285,000 personnel) is the part of world’s largest military force. It is compulsory for adult Chinese to provide military services but it is not strictly enforced since numbers of volunteers are available.


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Top 10 Nuclear Power Countries in the World

Nuclear weapons are the only devices ever created that can annihilate the every living species of the world within no time. Today’s nuclear weapons are enough to wipe out mankind from the face of the earth. If any country has that destructive power, the possibilities of its exchange are there and the world will remain in a precarious state .If some countries rely upon such lethal weapons, other nations will inevitably seek to attain them for better defense. Many international campaign has started to stop its proliferation and to end the threat that such powers pose to humanity. The NPT is treaty whose purpose is to prevent its proliferation, promoting peaceful uses of this technology for power generation and to achieve disarmament. South Africa had this lethal technology but chose the benefits of disarmament and signed the NPT in 1991. Five nuclear power countries under that NPT—China, France, Russia, the UK and the USA—have intent to keep such powers for the indefinite future. Some countries, never signed this treaty, posses this power as useful deterrent against attack which is absolutely immoral to keep security on the threat to eradicate whole world. It is quiet difficult to find the exact number of nuclear weapons in each country’s possession since it’s top secret. Based on the estimate of Federation of American Scientists, list of top 10 nuclear power countries in the world is listed below.

Top 10 Countries with Most Nuclear Weapons in the World

Rank Country Total Nuclear Warheads
1. Russia 8500
2. United States 7700
3. France 300
4. China 250
5. United Kingdom 225
6. Pakistan 100-120
7. India 90-110
8. Israel 80
9. North Korea <10
10. Iran NA



Russia has most nuclear weapons in the world. It has the highest number of warheads at 8,500 of which 1,800 are strategically operational. Russia’s military industry employs 2.5 – 3 million people and accounts for 20% of all manufacturing jobs. USA and Russia together posses more than 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenal. USA is also spending most on its military. About 52% of budget spent on military in 2012.

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Which Countries have No Military Force

No one can deny the importance of military forces for the country but still there are some countries in the world which don’t keep any military force. It is a common believe that such forces are important for the survival of a country. No doubt, defense is important but defense expenditure retards economic growth and development whereas demilitarisation has its own benefits as it can eliminate hunger and bring prosperity. Visionary leadership always believe in peace-building to avoid destruction and misery of war and try to decrease military budgets for the long-term economic growth. Countries may not have military force due to historical events, forbidden by Constitution or defense services agreements with other states. Here is list of Countries with absolutely no military forces however it may have non-offensive forces for internal peace and stability.

  • Andorra
  • Costa Rica
  • Grenada
  • Kiribati
  • Liechtenstein
  • Marshall Islands
  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Nauru
  • Palau
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
  • Tuvalu
  • Vatican City

Some other Countries with no standing army, but having limited security forces for internal peace purposes.

  • Haiti
  • Iceland
  • Mauritius
  • Monaco
  • Panama
  • Vanuatu
Source: wikipedia

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