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Top 10 Food Processing Companies in the World

From the very beginning of living being on our planet, food became the vital need for survival of life. So far human being is concerned, food is not only essential but also its pure quality is crucial for healthy growth. If you look around world you will find numerous companies of popular brands that are providing great services of food processing. These companies are regarded as the integral part of food industry. Many people earn their living by providing services to such companies. Many of such companies are international that are earning large amount of profit and has gain goodwill because of its quality food processing services.

You may be familiar with some of renowned brands of food processing that make fresh and healthful eatable commodities and delivers their products to market for daily use. Based on annual profits, list of top ten food processing companies is prepared.

List Of Top 10 Food Processing Companies in the World

Rank Company Profit (2013)
1. Nestlé CHF 10.02 billion
2. PepsiCo US$ 6.74 billion
3. Kraft US$ 2.715 billion
4. Anheuser-Busch InBev US$14.394 billion
5. Coca-Cola US$ 9.01 billions
6. JBS S.A US$ 392.2 million
7. Archer Daniels Midland US$ 1.223 billion (FY 2012)
8. Unilever €5.3 billion
9. Mars, Inc US$33 billion (2014)
10. Tyson Foods, Inc US$ 778.0 million



Q : Which is the largest food processing firm in the world?
Ans : Nestle is the largest food processing company in the world which has highest earning then rest of processing companies of the world.It was founded by Henri Nestlé, Charles Page, George Page in 1866. Its Headquarters is located in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. The company has net profit of 10.02 billion Swiss Franc in 2013. About 22 % sale comes from drinks such as coffee an tea while dairy products account for 19 % of sale. Nestle’s biggest market is United States where 25 % of company’s sale take place.

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World’s Top 10 Exporters of Rice

Rice is the third most consumed grain that feeds the most countries of the world. According to estimates, it is the staple food for over three billion people and considered most important crop for Asian countries where it is being produced and exported in greater proportion than rest of world. It has always been known as one of the delicious and healthiest grain. Developing countries are largest rice producers as well as exporters and account for more than 80% of world’s rice export, specially Southeast Asian countries dominates the industry because of their diverse varieties and best quality of rice. As it is important staple food that why it is mostly consumed within country where it is produced and less than 8% of production is traded internationally.

Top 10 Largest Exporters In the World

Rank Country Milled Basis Exports 2013 (1000 metric ton)
1. India 10,500
2. Vietnam 6,800
3. Thailand 6,700
4. Pakistan 3,500
5. United States 3,271
6. Burma 1,163
7. Cambodia 975
8. Uruguay 900
9. Egypt 850
10. Brazil 830



India emergence as the world’s largest exporter of rice,although country consumes the majority of its production. Basmati varieties are its major exports. In 2011, bountiful harvesting take place when government removed ban on non-basmati shipments and India stole the first position from competitor by doubling its rice export.
Sources: United States Department of Agriculture

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Which Country Exports the Most Oil

Saudi Arabia has nearly one-fifth of the world’s proven oil reserves and ranks as the world’s largest exporter of petroleum. More than half of its oil reserves are found in just eight spots of Country and approximately 60% of all production comes from gaint Ghawar field. About 55 per cent of its gross domestic product and 90 per cent of its export earnings are contributed by oil and gas sector . Half of their exports are made to Far East Asia countries. In 2012, 16% of Saudi liquids exports were sent to the United States and ranked second largest oil exporter to the United States. Its policies on the production and export affect economy and energy sector of whole world.


Saudi Arabia, an Islamic country, leads world in oil export. It exported an estimated 8.8 million barrels per day (bbl/d) in 2012 according to U.S energy information administration. In 2012 Major importer countries of KSA included United States, Japan , China , South Korea and India.

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