Ten Countries with Largest Atomic Energy Production
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Ten Countries with Largest Atomic Energy Production

It is globally recognized that nuclear energy is one of the cheapest and greatest ways to produce efficient and massive quantity of power.  Not every country in the world is blessed with this but those who are, they are getting most benefit from it as compared to those who are still deprived of this technology. To produce nuclear energy is the cheapest form of power generation but for that, countries need licensing from UN International Atomic Energy Agency. After the proper licensing and founding of nuclear elements, a country is all set to go on in the atomic energy production.

Atomic energy generation is not only environment friendly but it is the most beneficial for country’s economy as every citizen can get electricity at very affordable and cheaper rates. Nuclear power has always remained the most important and viable form of energy and will continue to be so since it remains the most economical and environment friendly ways to fulfill the energy and power needs of any country.

The products of Nuclear power not only include electricity but the atomic weapons, bombs and various others like these are also included. One drawback of it is that if goes in wrong way, it can destroy the surroundings like pollution of environment by toxic radiations, disability in citizens as well as the upcoming and new born babies etc. Precautionary measures must be taken before deploying the atomic plants to avoid any danger to humanity for such a longer span of time. But besides that, the nuclear power will be the eternal source of largest scale energy generation than other sources for at least next 50 years.

Taking a look at UN International Atomic Energy Agency’s reports, several countries are listed as the largest atomic energy producers in the world but top most of them are listed below along with their total number of power reactors and further statistics.

Rank Country Number of Nuclear Reactors in Operation Capacity – Net Total (MW) Electricity Generation (GW.h) in 2014 Share of Domestic Generation (%)
1 France 58 63130 418001.4 76.9
2 Slovakia 4 1814 14420.34 56.8
3 Hungary 4 1889 14777.73 53.6
4 Ukraine 15 13107 83122.79 49.4
5 Belgium 7 5927 32093.74 47.5
6 Sweden 10 9470 62270.05 41.5
7 Switzerland 5 3333 26467.9 37.9
8 Slovenia 1 688 6060.82 37.2
9 Czech Republic 6 3904 28636.78 35.8
10 Finland 4 2752 22645.96 34.6

As it can be seen from the given statistics and rankings, France dominates all the other countries in Atomic energy production with total of 58 nuclear reactors in operation which generate world’s largest output of 418001.4 GWh, sharing 76.9% of the total domestic energy generation.

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