Top 10 Wind Energy Producing Countries 2013
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Top 10 Wind Energy Producing Countries 2013

Wind power is a main pillar of tomorrow’s energy production that provides clean and climate-friendly energy; furthermore eliminate susceptibility to the price volatility of imported fuel. It’s a great time for all countries to stop reliance on fossil fuels and start depending on renewable sources like wind to get long term benefits that can be produced in great amount in almost every country of the world that will brings many advantages such as energy security, Carbon dioxide reduction, and economic benefits. In today’s world, Wind Energy has become an important source of generating electricity since it is economical, effectively infinite and protects air. Most countries have started relying on renewable energy sources to have better energy security and more environmental protection. The production of wind energy has become more beneficial to people, industry and governments since it is not permanently depleted, less expensive and environment friendly. All countries are attempting to maximize their output from wind source, as a result production get doubled in every three to four years, reached the figure of 336 GW in June 2014, about 4% of global electricity consumption. Above 80 countries around the world are producing wind power on a commercial basis. Based on Global Wind Energy Council published report on the status of the global energy production, here we have list of top ten largest producers.

Top 10 Countries by Wind Power Electricity Production in 2013.

Rank Country Windpower Production Capacity (2013)
1. China 91,412
2. United States 61,091
3. Germany 34,250
4. Spain 22,959
5. India 20,150
6. United Kingdom 10,531
7. Italy 8,552
8. France 8,254
9. Canada 7,803
10. Denmark 4,772
China is the world’s  leader, both in terms of annual market and cumulative wind capacity. It is sharply increasing its installations in the late 2000s and surpassed the U.S. in 2010 to become the world leader in term of installed capacity. In 2013, country’s new wind installations were up by 24.1% from 2012, with 16.1 GW of new capacity added to the grid, reaching total capacity of 91.4GW. Xin Jiang ranked as the No 1 province in China in terms of wind development with a record capacity addition of 3,146MW.

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