Top 10 Largest Producers of Bananas
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Top 10 Largest Producers of Bananas

Bananas are the most consumable fruit all over the world because of their taste and health benefits. This highly- nutritious fruit is full of vitamins and many minerals which is the reason behind its highest consumption . They belong to the healthiest foods and can help with battling blindness, heartburn, kidney cancers and diabetes. They are mostly produced in tropical countries of world and are the fourth most valuable food crop on the planet. Do you know which country produces the most bananas in the world annually ? Here we have ranking based on FAO estimate, top ten largest bananas producing countries are ranked below.

Top 10 Countries by Bananas production in the World

Rank Country Production 2012 (Tonnes)
1. India 24,869,490
2. China 10,550,000
3. Philippines 9,225,998
4. Ecuador 7,012,244
5. Brazil 6,902,184
6. Indonesia 6,189,052
7. Angola 2,991,454
8. Guatemala 2,700,000
9. Tanzania 2,524,740
10. Mexico 2,203,861



India is the World’s largest producer of bananas with an annual output of about 24.8 million tonnes in 2012. It accounts for 22 percent of the global production, though most quantity are for domestic use.
Source: food and agriculture organization


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