Which is the Highest Point on Earth
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Which is the Highest Point on Earth

Earth is an oblate spheroid rather than a perfect sphere, therefore the highest point on earth is calculated on the basis of sea level rather than distant from the center of the Earth. Here we have list of places on earth in each continents of world.

Continent Highest Point Elevation (m) Country/Territory
Asia Mount Everest 8,848 China and Nepal
South America Aconcagua 6,960 Argentina
North America Mount McKinley 6,198 United States
Africa Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 Tanzania
Europe Mount Elbrus 5,642 Russia
Antarctica Vinson Massif 4,892 British Antarctic Territory
Australia Puncak Jaya 4,884 Indonesia



The highest point on Earth’s surface is Mount Everest which is located on the border of Nepal and China. It is peak of Himalaya range, 8848 meters above sea level. Chimborazo of central Ecuador is farthest place from the Earth’s center but it is not considered as highest point of world.


Source: wikipedia

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