Top 10 Countries with Largest Railway Network in the World
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Top 10 Countries with Largest Railway Network in the World

Railway transport plays an important role in the transport system of a country because the growth of trade, industry and commerce largely relies on the advancement of railways network. It is the cheapest and fast way of transportation across the world, much better than wheeled vehicles, provides basic infrastructure for largest growing economies. It is cost saving which reduces the price of transporting passengers and materials across the country. Large Railway networks bring many benefits for passenger and industries since it is safest, speedy, capacious and comfortable. We have collected latest authentic data from different sources to list countries from around the world with largest operating rail networks.

Top 10 Countries by Largest Railway Network in the World

Country Railway Length (KM)
United States 250,000
Russia 128,000
China 103,000
India 65,000
Canada 46,552
Germany 41,981
Australia 38,445
Argentina 36,966
France 29,640
Brazil 29,303



The United States has world’s largest railway system having longest tracks of about 250,000KM which connects 48 continental states. This rail track is large enough to circle our planet five times. Freight lines accounted for 80% of country’s total track while 35,000KM lines are being used for passenger transportation.
Source: International Union of Railways,, CIA factbook

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