Top Countries with Beautiful Caves in the World
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Top Countries with Beautiful Caves in the World

Countries with beautiful  and largest caves are most blessed since these are a great source of natural minerals, elements, precious stones and etc but the one thing to be noticed is that they contribute vastly towards increasing country’s beauty leading to strong attraction for tourists. The God Almighty has blessed this earth with enchanting and lofty nature. Mountains, plains, plateaus, forests and various other natural beauties increase the significance of a country. The natural beauty of any country is based on various factors including the above mentioned aspects but one of the most significant of them is Caves.  There are numerous countries in the world who are blessed with naturally beautiful caves but the top ten of them are listed below.

1. Mexico (The Cave of Crystals)
Famously known as Giant Crystal Cave, this natural beauty is located in the vicinity of Chihuahua. It was discovered in 2000 by the miners working at Naica Mines located in the city Chihuahua. Its actual location  is about 300 Meters behind the surface level having highly hot temperature of about 58 (Degree Centigrade). The vast popularity of this cave is due to the discovery of world’s largest crystal ever found (Selenite Crystal) which was approximately 12m long, 4m in diameter having weight of about 55 tons. Due to its highly warm surroundings, this breath-taking spot mostly remains unexplored.

2. New Zealand (Waitomo Glowworm Cave)
Globally famous for glowworms, this cave presents the scene of probably the sky night. Originally situated in the Northern New Zealand Island, this beautiful cave remains unexplored too. Completely contained by Larva, the illuminating show of it is something famous among the tourists of this country but unfortunately it stays mostly unexplored.

3. Slovakia (Vazecka Cave)
Being one of the shortest caves in the world, The Vazecka Cave situated in the northern Slovakia is the one liked spot among visitors. It was discovered in 1922 and is originally located in Vazec village. Although it is among shortest caves but the eye catching and decorated surroundings catch number of tourist for this country. The decoration around it is due to presence of rich stalactite which makes this place a bit more beautiful then it should be. The cave is located at an altitude of 748 Meters and about 530 meters long but only 230 meters are available for tourism.

4. Slovakia (Bystrianska Cave)
Came into discovery in 1926, the Bystrianska Cave is located in the municipality of Bystra. It is full composed of limestone and is about 95 meters deep and 2637 meters long. The short number of 490 meters of this cave are open for the tourism since the year 1968. Regardless of its less land availability, it still acts  as strong magnet to whose who want to explore beautiful  caves of the world.

5. United States (Mammoth Cave)
Famous around the world for its length, The Mammoth Cave situated in Kentucky, United States is one of the longest passageways in the world. It is being predicted that this cave system contains a total passageway of about 390 miles (probably 630 Km) which is the longest system ever found that makes it the most beautiful cave of the  world. The interesting fact about it is that it is astonishingly stable. The original location of the cave is National Park in Kentucky.

6. New Mexico, United States (Carlsbad Cavern)
Famous around the world as the seventh largest cave, the Carlsbad Cavern is the system of naturally illuminating and beautiful caves in the renowned national park. A big plus  is the presence of a huge limestone enclosure whose measurements are listed as 1219 by 190 meters. The overall beauty and decoration is based on the presence of stalagmites and stalactites along with various formations which can be seen by several convenient trails. In short, The Carlsbad Cavern is one main attraction for the visitors around the world.

7. China (Reed Flute Cave)
Being historically significant and famous globally, the Reed Flute Cave came into being around 1200 years ago usually in the age of Tang Dynasty. Further ahead, the cave was rediscovered by the fleeing refugees (from Japanese Force) in 1940s. Located in Guilin, it is surrounded by limestone with eye catching and multicolored lightning inside make this spot an ideal to be called the most beautiful cave of the world, mostly blessed with Stalagmites and Stalactites along with some amazingly weird shaped rock placements. One interesting fact about this cave is the written inscriptions (70) which present the age of Tang Dynasty in 792 A.D.

8. Lebanon (Jeita Grotto)
Located about 18 Km north of Beirut, The Jeita Grotto is the system of two Karstic limestone caves interconnected and about 9 Km in length. This astounding upper part is open to public and tourable as it is easily accessible but to visit lower cave, tourists will need a boat as it is mostly comprised of underground river. Though not too much famous, but Jeita Grotto is indeed a sound way to spend a pleasuring tour.

9. Slovenia (Skocjan Caves)
Historically significant and worldwide famous, the Skocjan Caves belong to UNESCO heritage land sites. The underground location  is the main factor behind its ultimate popularity and tourism. The overall structure comprises of world’s highest cave hall, a huge underground mountain pass, beautiful waterfalls and a bridge over the mountain pass. Just like the other caves, it also have some jaw-dropping views of Stalagmite and Stalactite structures. The Skojcan Cave system is probably the one which every tourist would like to visit.

10. Vietnam (Phong Nha Cave)
Being among the UNESCO heritage’s land sites, the Phong Nha Cave is the second largest cave in Vietnam which is situated in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and is about 7729 meters in length. So far till now, the scientists have been successful in surveying about 44.5 Km of this cave whereas any tourist or visitors are just allowed to visit the starting 1500 meters of it. Regardless of its total visit able area, the cave is listed among the beautiful spot of the world.
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