Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates
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Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates

The rise in overweight and obesity is a major public health concern that sharply growing in most developed countries during the last few years; more individuals residing in the developed countries are more obese compared to past statistics. It is found that persons across the world are sharply getting obese most probably due to urbanization and the adoption of Western lifestyles that are contributing to highest overweighed population than ever before. Varieties of fast food choices, little exercise and stressful jobs are becoming main cause of highest obesity rates in today’s world. Once thought that this problem is only associated with high income countries but now overweight and obesity are significantly growing in low- and middle-income communities, especially in city areas but still the highest rate of obesity are mostly in developed world. This problem greatly rises in countries that are in the process of economical development. Rural population migrating to urban areas doing less physical work and start eating processed food that are high in fat and sugar plus staying away from traditional food, start depending more on an imported industrial food that all making most countries fattest with highest percentage of population affected with obesity . World Health Organization’s report indicates that 1 out of every 10, is obese, having 500 million people worldwide. The research identifies that growing obesity rates are significantly caused by social and economic inequality. Expert Said that applying a broad obesity prevention plan would protect over 155, 000 lives per year. Find below list of top fattest countries in the world or you can say countries with most fat and overweight population.

List of Top 10 Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates in the World

Rank Country Percent of the adult population affected with obesity (2012 or nearest year)
1. United States 35.3 %
2. Mexico 32.4 %
3. New Zealand 31.3 %
4. Hungary 28.5 %
5. Australia 28.3 %
6. Canada 25.4 %
7. Chile 25.1 %
8. United Kingdom 24.7 %
9. Ireland 23.0 %
10. Luxembourg 22.7%

In a list of the countries with the highest numbers of overweight people, United states has greatest percentage of overweight population, with 34 percent of the adult population affected from obesity. Overeating, lack of health insurance access and comparatively high poverty are some root causes of highest obesity rate in United States.
Source: OECD Health Statistics 2013

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