Top 10 Drugs and Medicine Exporting Countries
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Top 10 Drugs and Medicine Exporting Countries

To ensure the perfection of health, medicine and drugs are necessary to overcome the diseases and viruses attacking the human body. Medicine and drugs are prepared using natural elements and plants as well as the venoms of snakes and other poisonous reptiles. These are mixed up with various other elements in chemical mixture to produce a medicine of specific kind. The production of medicines and drugs in any country not only ensures the complete healthy life but also adds handsome amount to national economy if exported at competitive prices. Vast numbers of medicine and drug manufacturers are established in the world like Bayer, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline and etc. They continue to apply modern and advanced chemical formulas and techniques to produce effective and curing medicines and drugs.

Medicine production has grown four times from 1985 to 1999 and is mostly concentrated in industrialized countries. China and India offer lower-price medicines and rapidly expanding its export with its global competitive prices. High-income countries are world’s leader in world pharmaceutical industry(by value)  with share increased from 89.1% in 1985 to 92.9% in 1999. The combined share of middle- and low-income countries decreased from 10.9% to 7.1% over the same period. Two-thirds of the value of medicines produced globally is accounted for by firms with headquarters in just five countries – the USA, Japan, Germany, France and the UK. Production and export is also concentrated in a few key products and in a relatively small number of companies, which often have factories and offices in many countries. Several countries are dominant in medicine manufacturing which export them as well.

Germany, Switzerland and Belgium have highest share in world’s export of drugs and medicine. Given below is a list which illustrates ten largest drugs and medicines exporting countries as per 2013 statistics.

Rank Country Total Medicine and Drug Exports (In US$) Share of World’s Total Exports
1 Germany 51,443,530,000 15.2%
2 Switzerland 35,460,378,000 10.5%
3 Belgium 30,380,872,000 9%
4 France 25,725,384,000 7.6%
5 United States 24,350,571,000 7.2%
6 United Kingdom 23,302,700,000 6.9%
7 Italy 22,069,780,000 6.5%
8 Ireland 19,662,219,000 5.8%
9 Netherlands 16,029,190,000 4.7%
10 India 10,302,730,000 3.1%

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