Top 10 Countries with Higest Life Expectancy Rates in the world
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Top 10 Countries with Higest Life Expectancy Rates in the world

Enjoying life for long duration is the desire of every person in the world but you can’t expect to have longest life if you are living in a country where healthcare facilities and diet quality is not optimum. Life expectancy is mostly referred as estimated life duration of person at birth, calculated by averaging mortality at all ages therefore it is sharply affected by infants death rate. Disparities in life expectancy indicate the need for better medical care or increased social service. Industrialized countries with equality of wealth and social services have longest life expectancy than unequal countries similarly; nations with better economic conditions and quality of food are enjoying highest life expectancy. It is also taken as important factors in measuring the Human Development Index (HDI) of each country, along with adult literacy, education, and overall well being. In general, females have longer life expectancy than men. It is worthwhile tool in figuring out the expected return on investment in human capital. This figure clearly describes the physical quality of life while figuring out the value of a life insurance policy sold against cash consideration. High infant mortality and deaths in young adulthood from accidents, epidemics, plagues and wars results in low LEB in some African countries whereas advanced nation have longest life expectancy as a result highest proportion of old people is found there. Let’s take a look of top 10 Countries with Highest Expectancies.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy in the World

Monaco has highest life expectancy. The country’s employment rate is 100% and poverty is negligible and GDP per capita is highest in the world so people easily manage to pay for expensive medical treatment. Their diet mostly includes seafood, the healthiest diets on planet.
Source: CIA Factbook, 2014 estimate


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