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Ten Least Peaceful Countries of the World

World is becoming less peaceful with the passage of time, mainly due to a rise in terrorist activity, the number of conflicts fought and the number of refugees and displaced people. Deterioration in economic condition can also lead to increased social tensions, resulting in least peaceful society. Peace is dependent on relation with neighboring countries, internal and external conflicts, refugees and displaced people, terrorist activities, political terror, level of violent crime, ease of access to small arms and light weapons, homicides and level of perceived criminality in society. Some common reasons of least peaceful countries are high level of corruption, low level of human capital, restricted flow of information, aggressive relation with neighbors, non-acceptance of other’s right, unequal distribution of resources, worse business environment and bad-functioning government. Increased incidents of terrorism and economic crisis, rising commodity costs, increased protests, internal conflicts and high military budgets make countries the least peaceful. Major internal conflict or civil war is a feature in all of the least peaceful countries in the 2014 GPI. It is notice that the most violent countries in the world have highest levels of corruption, according to report.

The institute for Economics and Peace  published Global peace index 2014 that measures the relative position of nations’ peacefulness. Based on GPI 2014, here are top ten least peaceful countries in the world.

Rank Country Global Peace Index 2014(Score)
1. Syria 3.650
2. Afghanistan 3.416
3. South Sudan 3.397
4. Iraq 3.377
5. Somalia 3.368
6. Sudan 3.362
7. Central African Republic 3.331
8. Democratic Republic of the Congo 3.213
9. Pakistan 3.107
10. North Korea 3.071
Source: The institute for Economics and Peace

Syria displaced Afghanistan as the world’s least peaceful nation, according to the 2014 GPI.  Syrian civil war intensified to new heights of violence and bloodshed that pushed the country to bottom spot in GPI 2014.

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Ten Most Peaceful Countries of the World

Peace plays an important role in our lives that makes us live happily and comfortably, brings prosperity and many benefits. When we talk about most peaceful countries of the world, Europe is the home to peaceful nations which led the world in terms of overall levels of peace; seven out of ten countries are from Europe while New Zealand, Japan and Canada are nations outside Europe that got highest peace ratings; all have the lowest risks of political terrorism. Those countries that stay away from military or diplomatic conflict with other nations and continue to keep stability and safety within their own borders are most peaceful. Several socioeconomic factors are considered as possible drivers of violence that is also taken into account while ranking most peaceful countries. The level of freedom enjoyed by press and public is closely related with peace. Corruption is another factor that has strong relation with violence since record shows that the most peaceful countries has very low levels of corruption. Most of the least peaceful nations, including Somalia, Sudan and North Korea, have among the highest levels of corruption. Countries with good governance and true democracies are more likely to get listed in top ten while difficulties in accessing small arms also bring peace in the world

The institute for Economics and Peace is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to develop new conceptual framework to define world’s peacefulness; providing metrics for measuring peace in 162 countries of the world. IEP has published its 8th edition of the global peace index that gives score to each nation, the lesser the score, the most peaceful it is. This index measures the level of safety and security in society; the intensity of internal or external conflicts and the level of militarisation. Based on GPI, here are top ten most peaceful countries in the world.

Rank Country Global Peace Index 2014(Score)
1. Iceland 1.189
2. Denmark 1.193
3. Austria 1.200
4. New Zealand 1.236
5. Switzerland 1.258
6. Finland 1.297
7. Canada 1.306
8. Japan 1.316
9. Belgium 1.354
10. Norway 1.371
Source: The institute for Economics and Peace

Iceland is the most peaceful country of the world, despite a mild deterioration in the overall score due to a slight increase in military spending.

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Ten Countries with the Highest Kidnapping Rates

None wants to take risk of touring Countries with the highest kidnapping rates without safety measures. The highest rate of kidnapping continued in most countries of the world where it has become a common problem because of unstable security environment. Today, It  does not only put rich at risk but poor, old, traders. Countries in the top ten spot are mostly victims of terrorism, political and criminal issues which are the main reason of highest kidnappings rate. Over past many years the trend of this crime has changed drastically with advancement of technology. Now kidnappers can easily and securely communicate with family of victims by using mobile (cellular) phones and encrypted emails. In most cases, victims don’t report and if reported then law enforcement agencies completely fail to trace the criminals that why risk of being kidnapped is increasing in the world. The negative point about is that there is least local participation of law enforcement agencies in most cases. Here are top ten countries where people get kidnapped the most.

Top ten countries with the Highest Kidnapping Rates for Ransom in absolute terms in 2014 (to 30 Sep)

Countries Ranking 2014 Ranking 2013
Mexico 1 1
India 2 2
Pakistan 3 4
Iraq 4 10
Nigeria 5 3
Libya 6 14
Afghanistan 7 8
Bangladesh 8 26
Sudan 9 20
Lebanon 10 6

Mexico has highest kidnapping rate, as per RiskMap 2015 despite of decreased proportion of such crime from Latin America. The virtual kidnapping occur most frequently in the country in which victim’s families fail to check whether the victim has been kidnapped before paying the ransom.


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Top 10 Countries with World’s Highest Murder Rates

Everyone wants to reside in a safest environment that would be free of all violence and fear but such place doesn’t exist in any country of the world. Murder has become the serious issue of today’s world for which most countries have made strict laws to decreased murder rate. Unfortunately, the concentration of lethal violence in particular regions of the world is nothing new. The Global Study on Homicide 2013 revealed that nearly half a million people were intentionally murdered in 2012 and highest proportion of them happened in countries of the Americas and Africa that make just 11 per cent of the world population . Record on highest reported murder rates undoubtedly reveals that Africa and America are the least safe places of the world.  Countries with highest population are more likely to have high murder rate and the major reason behind is the weakness of law enforcement agencies which make people know they will not be punished severely on their propensity for violence. Murder reduces in a country with effective law enforcement, high allocation for crime-prevention and latest technology . Giving guns to people for self-protection is making things worse, ammunition in the hand of people is dramatically contributing to the prevalence of highest murder rate in some part of the world. Homicide has ripple effect goes far beyond the initial loss of human life which creates a environment of terror and uncertainty in the whole country. Specially family and community of the victim are exposed to fear and if justice is not provided, impunity can result in more murders. Literacy also play an important role in diminishing worse consequence of such alarming condition. People need to be taught how to behave in life and how to lead life with prosperity.

The Global Study on Homicide prepared report on homicides which revealed that intentional homicide took the lives of almost half a million people.   This report deepen the understanding of policymakers about how they can use their limited means to overcome high murder rate. Our post will tell you how much murder is happening in the world. check out list of countries with the highest level of murder in the world, and find which country recorded the most murders in 2012.

Rank Country Homicide Cases per 100,000 Population (2012)
1. Honduras 90.4
2. Venezuela 53.7
3. Belize 44.7
4. El Salvador 41.2
5. Guatemala 39.9
6. Jamaica 39.3
7. Swaziland 33.8
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis 33.6
9. South Africa 31.0
10. Colombia 30.8



Honduras has the world’s highest homicide rate of of 90.4 per 100,000 population. The country’s gang violence and penetration by drug cartels making it the most murderous country of the world.
Source: Global Study on Homicide

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Top Ten Worst Child Labor Countries in the World

Today’s child worker will be tomorrow’s poorest adult, trapped by vicious circle of poverty in their upcoming life because they remain uneducated and untrained adult forever. Work that deprives children of their childhood and affects their health and personal development or likely to impede their education is defined as child labour. It is not necessary that all work comes under definition of it. However, It is clear that the greater proportion of such practices is in developing countries of the world. The kind of economic activities that does not need special skills, the larger the number of child labour in that particular industry or occupation thats why the highest proportion is found in agriculture sector. Weak legislation , poverty, illiteracy and cheap industry are common causes of such activities. It is increasing at alarming rate in the world, specially countries with high poverty rates, children need to supplement their family income. The highest numbers and highest proportion of child laborers is in Asia and Africa respectively. It is also found in richer industrialized economies but in smaller percentages. Most government have done legislation to prevent such practices but it is still alive. According to maplecroft report 2014, World’s Top 10 countries where the problem is greatest are shown below:

Top 10 Worst Child Labour Countries in the World


Eritrea has worst problem of child labour in the world. Here children are required to work for two months during the school break. No laws or regulations exist to protects the right of children.

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Top 10 Countries With Highest Number of Crime in the World

Everyone wants to live in free and safest environment but such an ideal place couldn’t be found on our planet. Each country in the world has number of social problems which should be addressed properly. One of these problems is crime. Criminal activities, either high level or low level, are reported in everywhere of the world. It is such an unlawful act which is not only harmful to individual but also to the whole society for which state is responsible to prosecute criminal to bring peace and prosperity in the country. Crime like murder, rape and theft are most prevalent at highest rate than other social issue. There are many factors behind the increasing number of such activities in all over the world. Unemployment and lack of education are leading causes among them. The world sees such countries, having high crime rate, as unsafe and danger for life consequently tourism and investment decrease at alarming rate. The following list shows the world top ten countries with the highest reported crime rate which includes total number of persons, either suspected, or arrested or cautioned, brought into formal contact with the police and/or criminal justice system.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Crime

Rank Country No. of Crimes: (2011)
1. United States 12,408,899
2. Germany 2,112,843
3. France 1,172,547
4. Russian Federation 1,041,340
5. Italy 900,870
6. Canada 628,920
7. Chile 611,322
8. Poland 521,942
9. Spain 377,965
10. Netherlands 372,305



USA has highest number of crime reported in 2011.


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Top 5 Countries with the Highest Total number of Abortions in the World

Abortion is the world’s fastest growing social crime which ends the life of an innocent human being before its birth. Any civilized country don’t allow the individual’s freedom to choose such actions, make every effort to eliminates poverty and rape to minimize total number of abortion as well but overpopulation and unsafe procedure force authorities to allow it. In some countries, high demand for baby boy is the most common factor which is shrinking the global female population at an alarming rate. The highest number of deaths during abortion happens in Africa. Lack of access to family planning and high illiteracy rate are major causes of higher rate of such issues in most developing countries. Whether it is legal or not, total number of cases reported remain unchanged and the major issue is that half of the pregnancy termination in restricted countries are unsafe. Following is a list of top five countries with most abortions in the world.

Rank Country Number of Abortion Abortion per 1,000 women
1. China 7,930,000 26.1
2. Russian Federation 2,287,300 68.4
3. Vietnam 1,520,000 83.3
4. United States 1,365,700 22.9
5. Ukraine 635,600 57.2
Source: Guttmacher Institute



Q: Which Country has the highest number of abortions?
China has the highest number of abortion in the world. It is the most populous and to keep its population growth slow it is permitted on broad grounds . It has imposed policy of one child per family and public sector facilities provide free abortions in rural areas. In 99 % pregnancy terminations, safest modern contraceptive methods are used by skilled health professionals.


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Which are Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Abuse of public office for private gain is the most prevalent issue in majorities of countries of world. It is normally happens by abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery. German non-profit organization “Transparency International” brings corruption report into public every year to tackle both international and national corruption in various countries of world. Its basic objective is to counter corruption in public dealings and to curb this serious worldwide problem in all countries of entire world.

Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013 of 177 countries has been published on the basis of perceived level of government corruption. According to the annual survey of Transparency International, Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand are reported as world’s least corrupt countries of the world whereas in the list of most corrupt countries of the world, Somalia, North Korea, and Afghanistan are on the top of list. In this index, if country is least corrupt it will score near 100 whereas if country is most corrupt it will score near zero. Here is top 10 least corrupt countries in the world with their score.

Rank Country Score
1. Denmark 91
2. New Zealand 91
3. Finland 89
4. Sweden 89
5. Norway 86
6. Singapore 86
7. Switzerland 85
8. Netherlands 83
9. Australia 81
10. Canada 81

Why Denmark and New zealand are least corrupt countries in the world

  • Danish welare society model is foundation for making Denmark least corrupt country in the world. This system provides fair working conditions, social security, health arrangements, decent salaries and pension schemes to refrain masses from corruption. Danes do not have to put money aside for bad times, as they will be provided for. Inclusive political culture makes it easier to prosecute politicians or companies responsible for irregularities
  • New Zealand politics is least corrupt country in the world due to its fairness of political competition. Serious Fraud Office (british model) and Organised Crime Agency are working impartially and independently to make New Zealand most fair country in the world. It investigate and prosecute any individuals involve in bribery and corruption. The Independent Police Conduct Authority receives complaints against New Zealand Police of any misconduct or neglect of duty by any member of Police. Ombudsman is appointed to insure fair treatment to be provided to all citizen of country while dealing with any government entities.

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Which Country is the Most Corrupt in the World

Corruption is the most notorious term affecting all countries of world at different levels but underdeveloped nations is confronting corruption as major obstacles in their growth and development.  Prevalence of this corruption in any country can ruin whole nation if an office-holder or other governmental official acts in an official capacity for personal gain.  Weaknesses of system like monopolistic powers, lack of transparency and  low pay motive individuals to do such immoral activities.

Given below is list of top 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2013 which is publish by Transparency International that monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption in different countries. This top 10 list may variate depending on time of survey and organization finding statistics.

Top 10 most corrupt countries in the world

Rank Country
North Korea
South Sudan



Which Country is the Most Corrupt in the World ?
Somali is considered as most corrupt country in the world. Law enforcement authorities are completely failed and system is very weak to investigate and prosecute the corrupt individuals.

Public institutions should be more open about their work and officials need to be partial in their decision-making. It will remain top notorious issue in many countries of world if it is difficult for system to investigate and prosecute. Easy access to information regarding public office and their personnel’s obligation can help a country to eliminate corruption. Law enforcement agency should be non-political and powerful in the world.

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