Ten Most Peaceful Countries of the World
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Ten Most Peaceful Countries of the World

Peace plays an important role in our lives that makes us live happily and comfortably, brings prosperity and many benefits. When we talk about most peaceful countries of the world, Europe is the home to peaceful nations which led the world in terms of overall levels of peace; seven out of ten countries are from Europe while New Zealand, Japan and Canada are nations outside Europe that got highest peace ratings; all have the lowest risks of political terrorism. Those countries that stay away from military or diplomatic conflict with other nations and continue to keep stability and safety within their own borders are most peaceful. Several socioeconomic factors are considered as possible drivers of violence that is also taken into account while ranking most peaceful countries. The level of freedom enjoyed by press and public is closely related with peace. Corruption is another factor that has strong relation with violence since record shows that the most peaceful countries has very low levels of corruption. Most of the least peaceful nations, including Somalia, Sudan and North Korea, have among the highest levels of corruption. Countries with good governance and true democracies are more likely to get listed in top ten while difficulties in accessing small arms also bring peace in the world

The institute for Economics and Peace is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to develop new conceptual framework to define world’s peacefulness; providing metrics for measuring peace in 162 countries of the world. IEP has published its 8th edition of the global peace index that gives score to each nation, the lesser the score, the most peaceful it is. This index measures the level of safety and security in society; the intensity of internal or external conflicts and the level of militarisation. Based on GPI, here are top ten most peaceful countries in the world.

Rank Country Global Peace Index 2014(Score)
1. Iceland 1.189
2. Denmark 1.193
3. Austria 1.200
4. New Zealand 1.236
5. Switzerland 1.258
6. Finland 1.297
7. Canada 1.306
8. Japan 1.316
9. Belgium 1.354
10. Norway 1.371
Source: The institute for Economics and Peace

Iceland is the most peaceful country of the world, despite a mild deterioration in the overall score due to a slight increase in military spending.

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