Ten Least Peaceful Countries of the World
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Ten Least Peaceful Countries of the World

World is becoming less peaceful with the passage of time, mainly due to a rise in terrorist activity, the number of conflicts fought and the number of refugees and displaced people. Deterioration in economic condition can also lead to increased social tensions, resulting in least peaceful society. Peace is dependent on relation with neighboring countries, internal and external conflicts, refugees and displaced people, terrorist activities, political terror, level of violent crime, ease of access to small arms and light weapons, homicides and level of perceived criminality in society. Some common reasons of least peaceful countries are high level of corruption, low level of human capital, restricted flow of information, aggressive relation with neighbors, non-acceptance of other’s right, unequal distribution of resources, worse business environment and bad-functioning government. Increased incidents of terrorism and economic crisis, rising commodity costs, increased protests, internal conflicts and high military budgets make countries the least peaceful. Major internal conflict or civil war is a feature in all of the least peaceful countries in the 2014 GPI. It is notice that the most violent countries in the world have highest levels of corruption, according to report.

The institute for Economics and Peace  published Global peace index 2014 that measures the relative position of nations’ peacefulness. Based on GPI 2014, here are top ten least peaceful countries in the world.

Rank Country Global Peace Index 2014(Score)
1. Syria 3.650
2. Afghanistan 3.416
3. South Sudan 3.397
4. Iraq 3.377
5. Somalia 3.368
6. Sudan 3.362
7. Central African Republic 3.331
8. Democratic Republic of the Congo 3.213
9. Pakistan 3.107
10. North Korea 3.071
Source: The institute for Economics and Peace

Syria displaced Afghanistan as the world’s least peaceful nation, according to the 2014 GPI.  Syrian civil war intensified to new heights of violence and bloodshed that pushed the country to bottom spot in GPI 2014.

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