Ten Countries with the Highest Kidnapping Rates
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Ten Countries with the Highest Kidnapping Rates

None wants to take risk of touring Countries with the highest kidnapping rates without safety measures. The highest rate of kidnapping continued in most countries of the world where it has become a common problem because of unstable security environment. Today, It  does not only put rich at risk but poor, old, traders. Countries in the top ten spot are mostly victims of terrorism, political and criminal issues which are the main reason of highest kidnappings rate. Over past many years the trend of this crime has changed drastically with advancement of technology. Now kidnappers can easily and securely communicate with family of victims by using mobile (cellular) phones and encrypted emails. In most cases, victims don’t report and if reported then law enforcement agencies completely fail to trace the criminals that why risk of being kidnapped is increasing in the world. The negative point about is that there is least local participation of law enforcement agencies in most cases. Here are top ten countries where people get kidnapped the most.

Top ten countries with the Highest Kidnapping Rates for Ransom in absolute terms in 2014 (to 30 Sep)

Countries Ranking 2014 Ranking 2013
Mexico 1 1
India 2 2
Pakistan 3 4
Iraq 4 10
Nigeria 5 3
Libya 6 14
Afghanistan 7 8
Bangladesh 8 26
Sudan 9 20
Lebanon 10 6

Mexico has highest kidnapping rate, as per RiskMap 2015 despite of decreased proportion of such crime from Latin America. The virtual kidnapping occur most frequently in the country in which victim’s families fail to check whether the victim has been kidnapped before paying the ransom.

Source: www.controlrisks.com

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