Which Country is Best to do Business in?
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Which Country is Best to do Business in?

Every Investors/entrepreneurs don’t want to lose sight of certain aspects which are important for their business to spread globally. The EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) has released a new report entitled Business Environment Rankings that defines attractiveness of the business environment in the reported country. It is calculated on the basis of historical conditions as well as future that is expected to be prevailed over the next five years. This report lets investors know which country is best to do business in   and give a complete view of environment before formulating strategies to expanding their empire globally. The rankings considered ten different categories, covering the political environment, market opportunities, and policy towards foreign investment, taxes and infrastructure. Country retain relatively strong business environment and can easily attract considerable foreign direct investment if it maintain high degree of political stability, keep low-cost qualified labour force and large natural resources. From many perspectives these top ten countries are genuinely ahead of the rest of the world, considered best for doing business.

Global ranking 2014-18 Country Score 2014-18
1. Singapore 8.65
2. Switzerland 8.52
3. Canada 8.30
4. Australia 8.29
5. Sweden 8.26
6. USA 8.25
7. New Zealand 8.18
8. Finland 8.18
9. Denmark 8.16
10. Norway 8.01

Singapore, thee south-east Asian country, is the best place in the world to do business in. It is also the world’s most investor-friendly location until 2018, according to EIU.

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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