10 Countries with Highest Level of Terrorism
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10 Countries with Highest Level of Terrorism

Terrorism is spread beyond anyone’s control in today’s world, engulfing peace and prosperity of most nations. The Global Terrorism Index, product of Institute for Economics and Peace, evaluate the intensity of terrorism and its global trends and patterns in 162 countries and identify the most common causes that induce people to do such crimes. In countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and South Asia, Religious ideology is main cause of terrorism while in others part of world political or nationalistic and separatist movements are largely involved in such devilish activities. The worst affected region is South Asia where highest number of terrorist attacks. However report said that terrorism is growing but it is still not as much dangerous as homicides which has taken lives of about 437, 000 people, this being 40 times greater, According to report.

Global Terrorism Index 2014

  • Dramatic increase in Terroristic activities of fivefold took lives of about 107, 000 people over the last 14 years
  • In 2013, 18, 000 people lost their lives in 10, 000 terrorist incidents while countries at first five spot encountered with over 60 per cent of such incidents.
  • Success rate of terrorists in meeting their tactical objectives was over 85 percent.
  • 102 of 162 countries remained most peaceful in term of  terrorism and experienced no deaths from any such incidents in 2013, while 60 countries recorded one or more deaths.

Countries with highest proportion of deaths by terrorism

Top ten countries with the highest levels of terrorist activity in 2013 that faced 90% of global terrorist activity.

Rank Country Score
1 Iraq 10
2 Afghanistan 9.39
3 Pakistan 9.37
4 Nigeria 8.58
5 Syria 8.12
6 India 7.86
7 Somalia 7.41
8 Yemen 7.31
9 Philippines 7.29
10 Thailand 7.19

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