Top Ten Worst Child Labor Countries in the World
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Top Ten Worst Child Labor Countries in the World

Today’s child worker will be tomorrow’s poorest adult, trapped by vicious circle of poverty in their upcoming life because they remain uneducated and untrained adult forever. Work that deprives children of their childhood and affects their health and personal development or likely to impede their education is defined as child labour. It is not necessary that all work comes under definition of it. However, It is clear that the greater proportion of such practices is in developing countries of the world. The kind of economic activities that does not need special skills, the larger the number of child labour in that particular industry or occupation thats why the highest proportion is found in agriculture sector. Weak legislation , poverty, illiteracy and cheap industry are common causes of such activities. It is increasing at alarming rate in the world, specially countries with high poverty rates, children need to supplement their family income. The highest numbers and highest proportion of child laborers is in Asia and Africa respectively. It is also found in richer industrialized economies but in smaller percentages. Most government have done legislation to prevent such practices but it is still alive. According to maplecroft report 2014, World’s Top 10 countries where the problem is greatest are shown below:

Top 10 Worst Child Labour Countries in the World


Eritrea has worst problem of child labour in the world. Here children are required to work for two months during the school break. No laws or regulations exist to protects the right of children.

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