Largest Ship Manufacturing Countries in the World
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Largest Ship Manufacturing Countries in the World

In the era of cutting-edge technology, industrial development has got much more importance over agricultural development as the basis for growth, forcing every agricultural country to make a shift to industrialization for high economic growth. Shipbuilding is one of most vital part to accelerate the pace of economic growth of any country which involves construction of ships and other water floating vessels in a specially designed facility known as the Ship Yard or Ship Wright. Usually the term of Naval Engineering refers to the manufacturing or repairing of ships (both military and commercial) as the naval engineers are the basic root of this sector. The department not only strengthens the overall defense of naval force of any nation but also contributes handsomely towards increasing the revenue of the country. New ideas, concepts, developments, improvements, advancements and latest work strategies are applied at ship yards to ensure the construction of up to date and advanced war ships, boats, carriers, battleships, under water floating vessels as well as the surveillance and commercial ships. Various countries in the world have established big shipbuilding yards from where huge numbers of ships are constructed annually. The advanced mechanics and robotics in these ship yards make it easy for them to construct huge number of ships in a matter of short period.
In 2012, nearly 3,655 ships were produced globally, the most of which were manufactured in China, South Korea and Japan. The world’s largest shipyards include South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and China’s Shanghai Waigaoqiao. Many countries have been dominant in various years in shipbuilding sector which also earned them worldwide popularity but the top countries with largest shipbuilding are tabulated below. The statistics were taken after the report concluded in 2014.

Ten Largest shipbuilding countries in 2014, based on completions in gross tonnage

Ranking Country Gross Tonnage Production 2014 (In Thousands)
1 China 22,682
2 South Korea 22,455
3 Japan 13,421
4 Philippines 1,878
5 Taiwan 600
6 Germany 519
7 Vietnam 375
8 Romania 326
9 Italy 312
10 U.S 293

Undoubtedly, China is the country with largest ship manufacturing in the world. The total gross tonnage of 22,682 make China dominate all others in the list of top shipbuilding nations. Probably the most hardworking and devoted nation in the world, China takes a well deserved spot at top and will continue to be so in future.

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