Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World
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Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World

Racism is severe type of xenophobia which is being practiced by most people having strong belief that particular race is superior to others. Such discrimination is not only based on physical appearance but also on perceived mental capabilities. Racial and ethnic discrimination has turned into a serious problem and embarrassment for whole world. Such practices of discrimination have not yet eliminated, despite of international efforts to eliminate it. Countries with highest ethnic diversity are more likely to have most racism than ethnically homogeneous. It is not only present in single form, numerous other type of racism exist in most countries in the world. It indicates that people still do practice discrimination in any way, and evaluate personality, show concern, or detest on the basis of race. International community is working hard to multiply the message of love, it seems to be falling on deaf ears and people all over the world are practicing it. Prejudicing or discriminating human being on the basis of race are mostly found in advanced as well as least developed countries. Immigration is also a major problem that is also associated with racism; people rarely absorb migrants from other location. Based on latest article by the Washington Post, in which the surveyors inquired people in more than 80 different countries to find the type of people they would not like to be in your neighbors, a good query to find tolerance for other races. The studies were done by two Swedish economists by devising method to measure a level of racial tolerance. Have a look at the 10 most racist countries in the world.

Rank Top Ten Racist Countries
1. Jordan
2. India
3. Bangladesh
4. Hong Kong
5. Egypt
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Iran
8. Vietnam
9. Indonesia
10. South Korea

India and Jordan are world’s most racist countries having least tolerant level, according to Washington post. About 43. 5 percent of Indians and 51. 4 percent of Jordanian replied they would not prefer a neighbor of a other race. While racial intolerant rate of Hong Kong and Bangladesh were 26.8%   and 28.3%  respectively.

Last Updated : January 01, 2015

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