Top 5 largest Libraries in the World
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Top 5 largest Libraries in the World

Considered to be the universe of information and knowledge, Libraries are the best companion especially for the students. Regardless of what’s the purpose of visiting, libraries would always be loved and liked by the people. Majority of the people use them for gathering the information and knowledge they been failed to acquire through other means. Whether it is for study, scientific researches, personal acquiring or whatever the purpose, this place is considered as largest hub of knowledge. Undoubtedly everyone would be pleased to know the 10 biggest libraries in the world which are listed as under.
1. Library of Congress (Washington D.C, USA)
The most featured library in Hollywood movies since its establishment, The Library of Congress is a universe of books from almost every language. The famous movie “National Treasure 2” featured this in most parts of the film and this is from where the beauty and elegance of this library can be estimated. Having over 30 million books, it is open to public but only highly ranked American officials are allowed to explore the books.
2. Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Probably the right place if one is looking for the information regarding nuclear power, linguistics and gen biology. The library holds largest stock of 13.5 million books and most of them are from the Russian scholars as well as research facilities. But to visit and explore the books, one needs to be a member of the institution so as to paving an easy way towards the hub of information in Russia. Currently there are about 500 members of the library having random membership levels.
3. National Library of China (Beijing, China)
Came into being in 1909, the NLC is historically very famous and significant. The ancient writings as well as documents make it historically significant and popular. Having around 26.3 million books from various collections including Chinese writings, antique documents as well as the writings from Qing Dynasty written on bones and tortoise shells make it one of the world’s largest libraries.

4. Harvard University Library (Massachusetts, USA)
Founded in 1638, the Harvard University Library is considered to be the oldest one of America with huge collection of private books. John Harvard laid the foundation of collection of books by being the first one to add to the library a collection of around 400. As the time went on, the collection raised to millions. After the incident of fire, huge collection of books burnt into ashes declining the massive stock to current 13 million. Regardless of that, the Harvard University Library holds books regarding each and every topic.
5. National Library of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
Established in 1953, the Library of Canada was founded with the mission to preserve the heritage of Canada in the form of texts, documents, pictures and various writings regarding the country’s history and culture. Even the one can also find the North American books there; the library is a strong contender to be ranked amongst largest in the world. You will be requiring the permission from the officials along with some special visit privileges as various books are kept inside the locked vaults. If someone is addicted to reading and exploring the historical books, the National Library of Canada is the right place for them.

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