Ten Countries with Lowest Divorce Rate
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Ten Countries with Lowest Divorce Rate

The happiest moment in a one’s life is probably the moment when they get engaged with their forever life partner in the form of marriage. It is actually the beginning of a new life for everyone as the addition of a partner standing with you in your good and bad times is indeed a massive change. To bear every pain of life is simply not possible but with the addition of a person who can console you in bad times is indeed a great helping hand towards spending a peaceful and happy life. But the real depression occurs when an individual gets separated from their permanent life partner because of some non-favorite events like misunderstanding or fight. This situation so called the divorce is undoubtedly the most teasing moment in anyone’s life which they can’t forget for their whole lives. The occurrences of unlike events often lead to divorce which massively destroys life of both partners. It is being surveyed that most of the divorces occurring in the world are certainly due to misunderstanding or wrong perceptions. But whatever the reason is, divorce is no doubt among the most destroying factors in human life. That’s not the case with every nation in the world as the happy surrounding and strong mutual understanding is the key factor of strong bond between couples in those countries. Cultures where people marry in mature age are least likely to see more divorces furthermore freedom of choosing beloved as life partner is the main reason of  less  inclination toward separation in European countries. Given below list describes the countries with lowest divorce rates.

Rank Country Divorce Rate Per 1000
1 Libya 0.24
2 Georgia 0.36
3 Mongolia 0.38
4 Armenia 0.42
5 Chile 0.42
6 Italy 0.47
7 Mexico 0.48
8 El Salvador 0.49
9 Macedonia 0.51
10 Turkey 0.51

The Islamic state; Libya is the nation with probably the lowest divorce rate in the world having 0.24 divorces per 1000 couples.

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