The Top Countries with Nuclear Missiles
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The Top Countries with Nuclear Missiles

A nuclear bomb is the most lethal weapon of mass destruction that can eradicate whole world within no time. Everybody get frighten on thinking about horrible damaged caused by two nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that took lives of million of people. Regrettably, we forgot what that event taught us and again started horrible race of developing technology to make long range nuclear missiles and weapons. About 10 countries have carried out nuclear bomb testing. After collapse of former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan got control of nuclear weapons but they afterwards deliberately disposed or transferred them to Russia. Similarly, South Africa had nuclear weapons back in the 80’s, but voluntarily disposed them in the 90’s. Some NATO countries share their nuclear weapons under agreement and don’t have bombs of their own. Other countries that have developed technology to create nuclear missiles and warheads as their own arsenal. Here are the top countries with nuclear warheads.

Rank Country Total Nuclear Warheads
1. Russia 8500
2. United States 7700
3. France 300
4. China 250
5. United Kingdom 225
6. Pakistan 100-120
7. India 90-110
8. Israel 80
9. North Korea <10
10. Iran NA

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