Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries of the World

The global spread of coffee growing is dramatically improving the general quality of the beverage, synonymous with a new type of every country’s culture. Today it has spread to all over the world; you can find new converts to the pleasures of good coffee in every single country you visit. The significance of this commodity to the world trade cannot be undermined. It is one of the most important key items in world market, act as a source of foreign exchange to producing countries. It is important to the economies of world’s least developed economies generate more than half of their foreign exchange income from exporting coffee.  More than 70 countries are engaged in its production at largest scale; especially tropical areas are mostly occupied by its cultivation and have become top agricultural export for twelve countries. Distinguished varieties of coffee in term of flavor, aroma and shape are coming from different regions of the world. Arabica coffee is the most valuable variety which accounts for largest proportion of world production. It is widely grown throughout the tropical region, required large amount of water shortage, such as Ethiopia. Take a look of top ten largest coffee producer of the world which produce significant amount for export.

Top Ten largest Coffee-Producing Countries of the world

Rank Country Total Production (000 bags) in 2013
1. Brazil 49,152
2. Vietnam 27,500
3. Indonesia 11,667
4. Colombia 11,000
5. Ethiopia 6,600
6. India 5,075
7. Peru 4,338
8. Honduras 4,200
9. Mexico 3,900
10. Uganda 3,600

Brazil is the world’s largest producer and seller of coffee, responsible for about a third of all global production. Vietnam, which expanded its output rapidly, got second position in top ten ranking, bringing Indonesia into third place and Columbia into fourth.

Source: International Coffee Organization

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