Which is the Longest River in the World

River nile

River length is the distance between source and mouth of river. It is mostly hard to determine the exact location of both ends. Some have conflicting origins whereas some end up with evaporation or diverted for agriculture.

Top 5 Longest Rivers in the World

Length (KM)
Nile 6,853
Amazon 6,400
Mississippi 6,275



Nile river is the longest in the world. It has total length of 6,853 km with basin of 3,400,000 km2. Its average discharge is 2,830 m3/s. Primary source is White Nile which originates from Africa’s Great lakes region. It falls into the Mediterranean Sea. It flows through many countries of Africa and main source of livelihoods for the peoples of countries through which it flow.
Some experts consider Amazon is the world’s longest than Nile but it is still debatable.
Source: wikipedia

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