The Biggest Borrower Countries in the World
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The Biggest Borrower Countries in the World

The most wealthy and financially countries in the world are the most in-debited nations that are not dependent on external funds or investments. They use and generate their own resources to meet the financial needs and are independent of International aids or funds. But that’s not the case with most of the nations in the world today as the international funds (mostly from International Monetary Fund) are necessary for them to keep their economical health. Debtor nations refer to the countries with cumulative deficit in balance of payments. They don’t have enough internal resources to generate enough revenue. Those countries are then become debited and slave to international resources which results in more payback then what they actually borrowed corresponding to international interest rates. The situation leads to inflation within the country making the lives of disabled, difficult to surf. It is being reported that most part of the Asian continent is the most debited in the world. That may be due to less internal resources and less motivation in their citizens for hard work or suffering hardships. The below given table describes the largest debtor nations in the world according to report generated in 2011 by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Rank Country External Debt (% of GDP) Gross External Debt (In US$) GDP (2011 Estimated in Billion US$) External Debt Per Capita (In US$)
1 Ireland 1239 2.26 Trillion 182.1 478,087
2 United Kingdom 451.4 10.175 Billion 2.25 161,110
3 Switzerland 391.3 133.2 Billion 340.5 174,022
4 Netherlands 367 2.590 Trillion 705.7 154,820
5 Belgium 353.7 1.457 Trillion 412 139,613
6 Denmark 283.2 591.4 Billion 208.8 106,680
7 Hong Kong 265.7 939.83 Billion 353.7 131,380
8 Sweden 262.3 995.2 Trillion 379.4 109,318
9 France 254.4 5.632 Trillion 2.21 (Trillion) 85,824
10 Norway 246.9 653.29 Billion 264.5 138,783

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