Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

By nature, Greed belongs to human being from the very beginning of the world. Same thing happened with the countries which are struggling to become richest one. Richness doesn’t mean having rich abundance of natural resources but it more relate to optimum allocation of these resources for raising living standard of their masses. In today’s global world, every country tries to increase its output to be sold at competitive prices and implement best possible economic policies in order to become richest country across the globe.

Comparing the financial prosperity of peoples of all countries on the basis of their GDP per capita is the best tool which decide which country is the richest in the world. GDP at PPP is arguably more useful tool since it also consider cost of living that give clear picture of living standard and national wealth of the country.Difference in living standard can clearly determined by GDP per capita. Any country with highest GDP can’t b richest if it has largest population since citizens have less money whereas PPP defines how that money compete with inflation. Therefore ,the countries with the highest GDPs per capita have the richest occupants. Here we have list of top 10 countries of the world on the basis of GDP at purchasing power parity per capita.

List of Top 10 Richest Countries in the World By GDP Per Capita

Rank Country GDP (PPP) 2013
1. Qatar 105,091 $
2. Luxembourg 79,593 $
3. Singapore 61,567
4. Norway 56,663
5. Brunei Darussalam 55,111
6. Hong Kong 53,432
7. United States 51,248
8. United Arab Emirates 49,883
9. Switzerland 46,474
10. Australia 44,073



As per IMF report, Qatar is the richest country of the world with world’s highest GDP per capita of 105$. About 70% of its government revenue comes from petroleum industry which contributes to 60% of GDP. Its oil industry has grown very well which make it the richest country of the world. It has massive funds to buys expensive soccer teams and well established  airline. It has estimated population of 2 million that are lucky to live in the wealthiest place of the world.
Source: IMF

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