Which Country is the Largest Producer of Mangoes in the World
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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Mangoes in the World

Mango, the King of Fruits, is the delicious and widely liked fruit of summer in most countries all around the world. They are rich in Vitamins and minerals and are mostly used to fight with cancer, skin damage and prevention of miscarriage. History tells that it is an ancient fruit which was being cultivated thousands of the years in south Asia. It is most consumable fruit of world , differ greatly in their varieties of appearance and flavor and can be consumed raw or ripe. They are being produced in over 90 countries worldwide. Asian countries accounts for approximately 77% of global production. According to Food and Agriculture Organization published report on mangoes production by different countries of the world, top ten largest mango producing countries in the world are as follows.

Top 10 Largest Producer of Mangoes in the World

Country Mango Production in 2012 (Tonnes)
India 15,250,000
China 4,400,000
Kenya 2,781,706
Thailand 2,650,000
Indonesia 2,376,339
Pakistan 1,950,000
Mexico 1,760,588
Brazil 1,175,735
Bangladesh 945,059
Nigeria 860,000



India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world with annual Production of 15.2 million tonnes. It accounts for approximately 36% of global production. This country ranks first and second in production of  bananas and rice respectively.
Source:food and agriculture organization


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