The Top 5 Countries that Produce the Most Tobacco
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The Top 5 Countries that Produce the Most Tobacco

Probably the most consumed lethal product in the world, Tobacco has caught massive number of people worldwide in its strong web. Extracted from tobacco plant it contains nicotine and tar which are highly addictive. Around the world, it is being produced at large scale by numerous countries in around 70 types but the most significant and potent one of them is N tabacum. Tobacco in dried form is mostly smoked in cigars, cigarettes, pipes and flavored shisha. Other consumed forms are snuffing, chewing and dipping. But besides all this, it is most injurious to health as it can be the reason for many diseases of lungs, liver, heart and various types of cancers. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O), it is the biggest cause for the most avertable deaths in the world. Over 300 million people in at least 70 countries use smokeless tobacco particularly in low- and middle-income nations its use is most prevalent that demands immediate plan to be implemented to reduce its damaging affects.

China is the largest producer of tobacco in the world with annual output of 3,150,197 metric tons in 2013. India position in production of tobacco in the world dropped to third spot after being surpassed by Brazil. The United States is the fourth largest tobacco-producing country in the world where nearly 264 billion cigarettes were sold during 2014. Given below is the list of the leading 10 tobacco producing countries worldwide in 2013.

Rank Country Total Unmanufactured Tobacco Production in MT (2013)
1 China 3,150,197
2 Brazil 850,673
3 India 830,000
4 USA 345,837
5 Indonesia 260,200
6 Zimbabwe 150,000
7 Malawi 132,849
8 Argentina 115,334
9 Pakistan 108,307
10 Turkey 90,000

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